If you have successfully submitted a Step 1 registration form, you can now make a payment. If you have not yet submitted a registration form for this Jubilee, you will need to go back to Online Registration and do Step 1

IMPORTANT: It is essential that you use the same email address throughout the registration process, as that is how you are identified in the data base. If your email address changes any time after you submit this form, contact and do not proceed with any further payments until Beth confirms the change is made.

VERY IMPORTANT: After you click the purple "Make Payment" button, wait for either a message that your payment went through or was rejected. You WILL receive a message, so DO NOT remake your payment unless you receive a rejection message. If in doubt contact

$310.00: Pay a in-full registration
for those qualifying for loyalty perk
$360.00: Pay a in-full registration
for those NOT qualifying for loyalty perk
$100.00: Pay deposit on registration
2nd payment due March 1, 2020
Total: $
Credit Card Information
visa and Mastercard Visa and Mastercard only
Billing Information

Must match that on record with your credit card company or payment will be declined