The Jubilee Council consists of three very enterprising Red Hatters: Helen, Beth and Marsha, each a professional in her own right. Helen is the author of nine books, with a Red Hat novel pending publication; Beth is a retired business executive; Marsha has a successful website development and graphic design business.

Dedicated to the task of producing a fun-filled weekend of elegance and enjoyment, they work in harmony to assure a successful Red Hat weekend of the highest standards. Planning begins more than two years in advance and it takes one full year to pull it all together.

First is the selection of the venue. Like every other detail, the host hotel must meet certain requirements, including a beautiful environment, necessary accommodations, and quality service in all areas. Of special concern is food; menus for each meal are carefully selected and tested.

Also tested is the entertainment. All performers--actors, as well as musicians--are auditioned by the Council before invitations are extended or contracts signed. This is done by actually attending a show featuring a potential entertainer or, when that is not possible, viewing taped performances.