• Dinner & Opening Ceremony at the Hilton - Whatever you feel comfortable in. Many of you will still be wearing your travel clothes.
  • On the Cruise
  • Whether on the ship, or while visiting each port, casual, comfortable dress/shoes is recommended. The temps will be warm on the islands, there may be lots of walking involved etc. The exception to this is IF you are doing an excursion that requires a swimsuit, or some other type of clothing. There will be at least one, maybe more, formal nights for dinner. This DOES NOT mean you must wear a formal dress. You may if you so choose, or you could choose a dressy dress like we often wear to our high teas, nice dress pants with dressy top etc. And, of course, our HATS!!!
  • Scheduled Red Hat Events onboard:
    • PJ Breakfast – Wear PJ’s, of course.
    • Tea Party – Although we are calling this a “tea”, it’s not our “typical” tea. No need to bring super fancy tea clothes/lots of jewelry/large hats, like we are accustomed to doing. Just a comfortable dress or pantsuit, with a hat, or whimsy, of course.
    • Search and Rescue Game – whatever you are wearing that day – casual.
    • Farewell Party – Again, casual.
When going a cruise, the goal is to pack as light as possible. There is not a lot of room in the cabins for lots of luggage, BIG Hats, etc. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, however please remember that we must adhere to our Red/Pink Hat Regalia at all times, coming and going.