• Opening Ceremony - Whatever you feel comfortable in. Many of you will still be wearing your travel clothes.

  • Friday night Dinner & Mystical Masquerade Ball:  Costumes of all types are suggested but not required. This may be the time to take advantage of a costume you particularly enjoyed wearing to another Red Hat event in the past.  Pull that historical dress, fun clown outfit, futuristic costume, etc., out of storage and put it to good use again.  Add a whimsical mask and you are ready for an evening at the Ball.  If you elect not to costume dress in style, as you would if you were attending a Ball as a spectator.

  • PJ Breakfast - Wear PJ's, of course.

  • Afternoon Tea - Dress up in your fancy glitzy finery.

  • Saturday night “Party Like a Pirate” - On Friday night we went with a more elegant attire, so tonight we will be a bit more casual.  After all, Pirates aren't known for elegance, but more for being dashing and full of fun.  Dress in those Pirate themed costumes we've seen so much of or, if you don't wish to don a costume the dress for this evening will be casual and fun!

  • Sunday Breakfast - Wear your travel clothes.