Q. What should we wear and can we costume?
A. It goes without saying that we wear purple with a red hat if we are over the golden age of 50 and pink with lavender if we’ve not yet reached that threshold. We expect something red on your head at all times. Our suggestions for dressing for events are: (a) Casual Red Hat attire during the day and for free time activities. (b) Attire for dinner in the evenings is dependent upon the theme for that particular evening. Consult the Agenda and dress accordingly, bearing in mind that we expect our attendees to dress in Red Hat attire at all times, including travel to and from the Jubilee (except as noted for special occasions.)

Q. Can I bring a “living” mascot to the Jubilee?
A. Real-live dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed as mascots, and neither are grandchildren. We’ll have to make do with animals from home that don’t actually breathe.

Q. Can I bring my Granddaughter as a Pink Hatter? A. Yes, you can, if your Granddaughter is a member of a registered Red Hat Chapter and she is 21 years of age or older.

Q. I send my Registration to you - then what?
A. Georgia Red Hat Jubilee will take care of all arrangements for meals, entertainment, etc. You must handle your own hotel and travel arrangements and then simply show up and prepare to have a wonderful time!

Q. Will there be table assignments?
A. Yes, there will be table assignments and your table number will be on your badge when you register upon arrival at Jubilee.

Q. How will the table assignments to handled?
A. There is a place on the Registration Form for you to request table mates. We make our table assignments on a first come first served basis and make every effort to seat you with the people you request.